Blanket chest, British ash

Blanket chest, British ash


L84 D44 H45


This chest can be used to store blankets, or anything else, and doubles up as an occasional seat for two. The top is subtly scooped to offer a comfortable contoured surface to sit on, as well as giving the chest a striking profile. 


The chest is made entirely from solid wood, milled from London street trees which were saved from the chipper. The main body is made from ash, a beautiful British hardwood. The bottom is made of cedar, which is a natural moth-repellant, and smells lovely when you open the lid. The hinges are machined to a high tolerance from solid brass, which will develop a slight patina over time.


I wanted to give this chest a strong, sculptural silhouette; keeping the form simple to allow the beautiful local hardwood and hand-cut dovetail joinery to take centre stage.


Nothing in this chest exists as pure ornament; every element of the design has a practical origin: the spacing of the dovetails affords greater strength at the edges where the joint comes under most stress; the overhanging, scooped lid removes the need for a handle, and offers a comfortable contour for sitting; and the solid ash bearers raise the chest off the ground, providing a more stable footing on uneven flooring. 


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