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Coffee table, European walnut

Coffee table, European walnut


L60 W60 H37


Made from hefty 2" slabs of European walnut, and held together with four enormous hand-cut dovetails, this table is a celebration of straightforward traditional joinery and beautiful characterful hardwood.


Because of the substantial size of the boards and the inherent strength in the dovetail joint, I was able to keep this design totally uncluttered - just two large hand-cut dovetails on each end, making a very robust table without the need for any additional bracing or sneaky hidden hardware.


The four dovetails are sawn by real human hand with a traditional saw. Because the joints were so large, I used my big tenon saw instead of my usual smaller dovetail saw to cut the dovetails. Walnut is a lovely, dark, dense wood, that works beautifully with hand tools, producing smooth shavings with a hand plane, and clean, crisp joints

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