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Trinket box (3 of 6)

Trinket box (3 of 6)


W15 D15 H20


This ash wood box, designed to store jewellery or other small valuables, is one of a limited edition of six. Both the box and the internal, removable tray are constructed using dovetail joints, cut by human hand using traditional, razor sharp hand tools - saws, chisels and planes. 


Each individual box has a unique hand worked handle, and all six boxes are made from a single London street tree, which was saved from the chipper.


The design has been kept simple to allow the beautiful British hardwood and traditional hand cut dovetails to take centre stage. The lid, which is satisfyingly substantial in the hand, is given a sense of lightness by the hand planed chamfer. 


I had several ideas for the handle design, and couldn’t decide on just one, hence the boxes each have a different unique handle: carved with a gouge chisel, rounded into a crescent with a plane, or skimmed to a simple, shining smooth surface - each brings a subtly different flavour to the overall design.

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